After the run the body is warmed up completly.
The run has erased all trace of interfering thoughts.
The repetitiveness of the bodies rolex replica sale movement and the time of keeping centered
while the entire body is in motion leaves you in a state of serene high energy.

The after running yoga asanas is for the targeted stretch.
Channelling the energy to the replica watches areas of the body worked on in the run and
calmly landing in oneself after the physical workout of the run.

The pre meditation and run makes it easier to focus your attention on the areas of the body worked on in the asanas.

As the the energy and heat resides you find yourself in space of nothingness, pausing in the asanas.
All beeing smooth in mind and body.

The chanel replica sale running yoga class ends where it began in relaxation making the process a beautiful journey coming full circle.