Photo: Mark Hannaford

Running Yoga

It’s not about how fast you move your body
It’s about how slow you move your mind

Running yoga is the combination of meditation, running and yoga.
It´s about keeping the center and stillness of meditation through the yoga asanas and running.
Through entering the runner’s “zone” through meditation before the running and not after a long and sometimes painful process, makes the whole experience a relaxed state of tranquillity in motion.
The challenge lies in maintaining the center through the increase in physical strain.
Running as the observer and staying detached from the body. The after running yoga asanas is for the targeted stretch.
Channelling the energy to the areas of the body worked on in the run and
calmly landing in oneself after the physical workout of the run.
The running yoga class ends where it began in relaxation making the process a beautiful journey coming full circle.

Voices on Running Yoga:

"I´m usually totally beat as soon as I come down the street but now I managed to run for 30 min "
- No Mind festival-

"People have told me how there running is a form of meditation for them but I have never understood them until now "
- Yoga festivalen-